Frequently Asked Questions2024-01-30T12:30:01-05:00
Do you take walk-ins?2020-11-03T09:25:50-05:00

We do take walk-ins, if we have the space available, however, we highly recommend making a
reservation either through RESY or call our host stand at 248-940-0000.

How do I make a reservation?2022-08-15T16:02:30-04:00

To make a reservation for Casa Pernoi, you can either book via Open Table or you can call our host stand at 248-940-0000.

Is there an area for me to wait for my table?2022-08-15T16:06:32-04:00

Besides our spectacular bar, which has limited seating, we do not have space for our guests to wait for their table. Many of our guest enjoy visiting shops in downtown Birmingham. Provide your mobile number and we will text you when your table is available.

Does Casa Pernoi have gluten free options?2020-11-03T09:21:40-05:00

We have many gluten free menu items, and other items that can be prepared to be gluten free.

Can I bring my own bottle of wine?2020-11-03T09:20:50-05:00

You may bring one 750ml bottle of wine per table. The wine may not reside on our list, and the corkage fee is $50.

Does Casa Pernoi have a children’s menu?2020-11-03T09:20:29-05:00

We do not have a children’s menu, but we can always prepare a small and simple pasta dish for our younger guests.

Does Casa Pernoi have a dress code?2020-11-03T09:19:59-05:00

Our dining room is casual, with a hip vibe. We ask that our guests dress in business casual attire.

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